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A family-friendly, suburban community located near the western border of Broward County, Weston is located by the Everglades. This makes Weston Broward County’s most western city. Weston often gets high yearly ranks in CNN Money magazine’s “Biggest Earners” category. Several years in the past decade, it’s been proclaimed to be one of the top cities to live in the state of Florida. Weston Luxury Homes for sale will amaze you with stunning views, square footage, and available land.

Its pristine beauty in and of itself is only matched by its luxury homes and properties. Luckily, the market is booming and this area’s beautiful real estate in south Florida is being bought and sold regularly. At Florida Exclusive Living, our realtors can help you find your dream home. We can get started as early as today!

The Location

Weston’s west side backs up close to the famous Everglades. An international treasure in itself, the Everglades National Park protects the unmatched landscape, which has also become a natural habitat for a number of rare and highly endangered species such as the manatee, the American crocodile, and even the Florida panther. The park is open to visit and tour to learn about the history, culture, nature and science behind its mystery.

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