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Surrounded by Lauderdale by the Sea, Sea Ranch Lakes is a quaint beach village with a tight-knit community feel. Most residents live in the gated neighborhood that makes up the majority of the town, complete with a private beach club. Luxury Homes in Sea Ranch Lakes will stun you with their gorgeous views and close proximity to the beach.

Right on the water, Sea Ranch Lakes offers an exclusive living experience for those who enjoy that private oasis feel.

Climate in Sea Ranch Lakes

Sea Ranch Lakes balmy coastal climate is no doubt a major plus to those who live here. Even during what would typically be thought of as weather extremes, the average temperatures in Sea Ranch Lakes remain temperate. The high in July at the peak of the summer season is just 90 degrees while the typical winter temperatures average a low of 57 degrees, in January. Never any snow in the forecast for South Florida, residents can take full advantage of the tropical climate no matter the month.


Only 670 people call Sea Ranch Lakes home, with a large majority of residents married and falling within the 45 to 65 plus age bracket. An ideal location for those with a vacation home in mind or seeking a warm place to retire, Sea Ranch Lakes enjoys an almost non-existent crime rate. Members of the village are actively involved in the town’s government, and all major issues that effect the private beach club shared by all Sea Ranch Lakes residents must be voted on. With residents participating wholeheartedly in the future of their town, Sea Ranch Lakes resembles a quaint city of days gone by with the appeal of an island paradise.

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