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Nicknamed the “Capital of Latin America,” Miami offers great opportunities to experience international culture. Miami is the second largest city in the United States where a majority of the population speaks Spanish. Miami has the largest Cuban-American community in the U.S. Miami offers amazing Luxury Homes, Single Family Homes, Condo’s, Townhomes and more.

Miami is also known as the “Cruise Capital of the World,” due to its more than two decades as the number one cruise passenger port in the world.

About Miami

Indigenous cultures inhabited Miami for thousands of years before the European explorers came along. Miami’s earliest known history dates back to 500-600 B.C., when a group of Indians lived near the mouth of the Miami River.

Florida was claimed by Spain in the 1500s, and the area was alternately controlled by Spain and Great Britain for the next 250 years, before Spain ceded it to the United States in 1821.

Miami was incorporated as a city on July 28, 1896. At that time, the population was just over 300. Miami boomed during the early 20th century as northerners took notice and moved south.

Miami Climate

Buyers of luxury homes in Florida are drawn to the tropical climate of Miami, which typically means hot and humid summers along with short, mild winters. The 248 days of sunshine per year allow for excellent weather to enjoy the nearby beach communities and outdoor recreation. The average July high temperature is around 90 degrees. The average January low is 60 degrees, though the lows occasionally fall below 50 degrees. Miami gets 60 inches of rainfall per year, with the rainy season occurring from May through mid-October.


As of 2014, the population of Miami is reported to be 401,927. Population density is 11,205 per square mile. The city’s median age is 39.2 years old. Married residents comprise close to 40 percent of the population with the average household size at 2.6 people. Over 70 percent of Miami residents claim Hispanic ethnicity. More than 66 percent of residents reported speaking Spanish in their home as of the year 2000.


The median home cost is $245,200. In the last year, homes in Miami have seen appreciation of 14.80 percent. Our experienced Miami Realtors® can assist you in your search for luxury homes in South Florida. Miami Homes for Sale are aplenty.  If you are looking for Luxury Homes for Sale in Miami you have come to the right spot.  Our luxury Experience will help you find that perfect home. Luxury Condos, Luxury Townhomes, Ocean Views..its all just a step away when you purchase a home in Miami.

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