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Victoria Park – Fort Lauderdale New Construction

Fort Lauderdale is experiencing a huge increase in new construction homes, townhomes and condo buildings. With over 9 new condominium towers, new single family homes, and a plethora of townhomes in the horizon…what does it mean for you?

Victoria Park is in the heart of Fort Lauderdale. It is a sought after location because of its close proximity to dowtown and the beach. The outskirts of the community are filled with multi-unit properties, motels, and a booming townhome footprint. All within four blocks there are new luxury townhomes being built, a new single family home community, a couple multi-family complexes, and then circling back…even more townhomes. Townhomes are the new builders dream. Prices of Luxury Townhomes in Victoria Park start in the low $700k, making these new complexes a great investment for builders and new buyers.. The demand for these townhomes is also high from buyers.

People that live near the center of the city often don’t want the trouble of caring for a yard or maintaining the outside of their home. A townhome is the perfect fit. Many of the Home Owners Associations will cover the outside of the units from top to bottom.

Many new construction single family homes in Fort Lauderdale are also including outside maintenance in the communties HOA. The homeowner doesn’t need to worry about lawn maintenance, trimming the bushes, or even painting the house. Is this the right fit for you?

Victoria Park has a deep rooted history of elegance and luxury. The center of Victoria Park offers beautiful mid century homes, modern homes, and unique villas. These houses are well cared for and offer both waterfront and dry lots. Victoria Park Luxury Homes for Sale are in high demand, offering the convenience of being close to downtown and local attractions.

If you are thinking about buying a home in South Florida, we would certainly suggest looking into Victoria Park.  Let us help you find the perfect Victoria Park Home for Sale!

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