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Looking at Homes for Sale in Broward County? – Check out the Schools

Buying a home is a huge step in anyone’s life.  It is also a huge responsibility to anyone ensuring that the schools that are of service to your community meet your standards for your family.  Broward County is the sixth largest school district in the nation.  With over 250,000 students attending the public and charter schools it is imperative you look at the test scores and individual grades of the schools.

As of 2014-2015 the District Profile is below: (courtesy of

Number of Schools:

Elementary     137
Middle                40
High                     33
Combination      6
Centers                19
Colleges                3
Total                  238

Charter Schools 102

Grand Total    340

Of the above mentioned school’s, performance grades are as follows:

A     50
B     33
C     60
D     15
F     19

Broward County Schools Website:

It is important to find your dream home but also take in mind the education that is available for your children.  Education is one of the most important aspects that buyers ask for when looking at homes.  Homes that are in school districts with high academic ratings hold their value.  It is important to ask your agent about the communities and the schools in the area that you are looking.  They can direct you in the right direction to find out about the schools in your area. Homes for Sale in Fort Lauderdale, Coral Springs, Wilton Manors and many other communities will amaze you with their attention to detail and affordability. Contact us to looking at these Luxury Homes, Condominiums and Townhomes for Sale in Wilton Manors and more!

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