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Should You Hire a Professional to Stage Your Luxury Home?

As the saying goes, you never get a second chance to make a first impression. That statement is undoubtedly true when discussing real estate in South Florida. Why not wow potential buyers shopping for Miami luxury homes and waterfront property in Palm Beach County? One of the best ways to impress them is to have your luxury home professionally staged.

Many real estate agents think home staging is a blend of science and art. When you employ a professional to stage and sell your luxury home, they should have a picture of your potential buyers in mind in order to effectively capture the buyer’s attention. The potential buyer needs to be able to see him or herself living in your home.

Reason for Staging

The principle behind staging is to elicit an initial impression and create an emotional response within the buyer. The first feeling a buyer has can either guarantee or kill a sale. The first glance should rouse the buyer emotionally and convince him or her the home will provide a desirable life. The goal of staging is to emphasize the home’s features by carefully including realistic and livable qualities so the buyer can visualize living in each room of the home.

Marketing is one of the first things your real estate agent should bring up when you talk for the first time. Staging is an important part of marketing and should not be ignored. Your luxury home may already be beautifully and professionally decorated, but staging goes the extra mile. For example, your kitchen may have designer appliances, beautiful fixtures and expensive moldings, but it may lack personality. By adding fresh fruit on the island and a few wine bottles, decorative containers and stemware to the counters, a stager has altered the kitchen into an appealing, livable space.

When a real estate agent walks through your home, he or she is thinking about how to create a mood and flow through redesign and staging. Aspects, such as color scheme, furniture layout, personal pictures and the functional use of every room, are all taken into consideration.

Dialing Down the Decor

Many real estate agents see staging as a mandatory part of the selling process, though decorating is not. Prospective buyers frequently make a decision within the first few seconds of seeing a house, whether they are looking at photos and virtual tours online or visiting the house in person.

Decorating is often based on personal taste and style. Sometimes a prospective buyer can be turned off by your choice of artwork or throw pillows. They may also have trouble visualizing themselves living in the home if your family pictures are hanging on every wall.

Should you have the opportunity to stage your home and redecorate to a neutral style, you should do it. Buyers searching for real estate in South Florida will have a much easier time envisioning themselves living in your luxury home if it is properly staged.

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