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Great Family Attractions in South Florida

It seems everyone comes to Florida to visit Orlando and all the theme parks in and around this area; however, did you know there are plenty of other amazing south Florida attractions that can create the ideal family getaway. It doesn’t matter if you live in luxury homes in Fort Lauderdale or you are traveling here from far away, you will find something to please just about everyone in your family. Consider these family attractions the next time you need something to do.

Everglades Alligator Farm

The idea of encountering an alligator while you are going about your daily activities is intimidating, but you can still enjoy seeing them in their natural Everglades habitat at the Everglades Alligator Farm. When you visit, you will board an airboat and jet through the famous Everglades wilderness in search of alligators and other wildlife. They are home to a 14-foot “Grandpa” alligator, with more than 2,000 other resident gators.

To round out your Everglades excursion, stop at the Everglades Holiday Park, where many of the episodes of Animal Planet’s reality television show, “Gator Boys,” are filmed. The Gator Boys are often around, and you can even take a picture holding a baby gator or posing with one of the cast.

Miami Seaquarium

Not all aquariums are created equal. The Miami Seaquarium is home to 100 species of sea life, including the endangered sea turtles and Florida manatees. This unique aquarium is also home to a couple of television stars: Flipper and Lolita the Killer Whale. Families can check out the sea turtle rehabilitation facility and even have a close encounter with a dolphin to complete the experience.

Monkey Jungle

Many children love monkeys. Whether it’s because they can relate to their antics or they are just plain fun to watch is unclear. One of the most entertaining south Florida attractions is Monkey Jungle. This park takes you on a jungle safari through Asian and South American jungles to check out a variety of monkeys from all over the world. The crab-eating monkeys are fun to watch as they dive for their food.

Gold Coast Railroad Museum

If you have a train lover in your family, you will enjoy the Gold Coast Railroad Museum. This museum features exhibits of full-size train engines, cars, cabooses and more. There is also a model train building to see fun layouts. You can even ride in the train coach car, a caboose or the cab of the train.

Duck Tours

In World War II, the military used vehicles called “ducks” that could drive on the road and in the water in one vehicle. Both Fort Lauderdale and South Beach feature duck tours that are fun for everyone in the family. You will drive through many areas of each respective city and take in the sights and then plunge into the water to complete the tour.

Whether you are interested in real estate in south Florida cities such as Miami and Delray or you are just in the area for a visit, there are plenty of south Florida attractions to keep your whole family entertained. This is just a small sampling of everything you can see and do with every member of your family.

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