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How to Bring out the Natural Beauty in Your South Florida Waterfront Home

Now that you’re about to close on a luxury home in South Florida, it’s time to start thinking about the interior design. Many new homeowners to the area want to complement Florida’s natural beauty with the inside elements. The good news is whatever style is applied, there are some simple steps to make this possible.

Here are some interior design tips for your real estate in South Florida:

  •  Window Treatments – Home improvement channels are available online to shop for window treatments that are most suitable to your luxury home. A privacy film is highly recommended because it allows you to see everything going on outside without anyone being able to see inside your home.
  • The Minimalist Approach – The most attractive waterfront homes are blended with soft textures and neutral color schemes, as opposed to bright tones. These neutral designs blend beautifully with the natural elements outdoors.
  • Keep It Simple – In conjunction with the minimalist approach, interior designers endorse restricting their client’s penchant for all things oceanfront to one or two, rather than scattering it all around.
  •  Hire a Professional – If interior design isn’t your strong suit, a professional can level the playing field and give you a brag-worthy home for years to come. When you hire a real estate agent, be sure to mention if you’re searching for a local designer. He or she may be well-acquainted with what works and what doesn’t for this natural beauty called Florida, while still keeping your interests in mind.

Quick Tip: The expanding South Florida is now home to a number of world-rated designers, as well as luxury furniture and accessory stores. Visit Wynwood District to shop fine retailers on the luxury row.

The Benefits of Good Interior Design

  • Peaceful Surroundings – Studies show the interior design of a space can create chaos or peace in occupants. Chances are owners will want to attract the calm and serene surroundings of South Florida’s beautiful waterways.
  • Panoramic Views – If you’ve invested in luxury homes in South Florida, perhaps the home features floor-to-ceiling glass windows or some other open space. This transparency provides accessible views to stunning sunrises and sunsets. An interior designer can help you get the most of your space.
  •  Increased Property Value – If you plan to sell, a well-designed home ups the value and curb appeal. This has been proven time and again; good design helps you sell faster and for a much higher price.

How to Buy Real Estate in South Florida

The first step to finding a dream property is to start with the right agent. Find oceanfront homes for sale in Fort Lauderdale and other real estate in South Florida at Florida Exclusive Living. Our agents are well-trained to match the quality you desire. Get in touch by contacting us here.

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