Why FEL?

We bring the most exclusive properties
to our clients.

We know that our clients are looking for nothing but the best in Florida real estate. We successfully provide, by sifting through a small, exclusive selection of luxurious homes on their behalf. When homes fitting the needs of our clients enter the market, we update them immediately. Finding the best home in South Florida shouldn’t mean that you have to do more work. Florida Exclusive Living understands that its clientele has more important things to take care of, so we sweat the details to present the best properties to you.
We maintain relationships with businesses that provide the products and services that appeal to the people who seek out the exclusive properties we sell. Homebuyers looking for the most exclusive living experience require a realtor with expertise regarding every element of the luxurious lifestyle. That’s why FEL can’t be beat for finding the home of your dreams in South Florida.

5 reasons to work with us

5 reasons to work with us

We sift through all South Florida listings to find the homes that have the greatest appeal to our exclusive clientele.
We’re experts on the best neighborhoods in South Florida. If you know what you want in a home, we can guide you to the best areas for your needs.
We’ve got exclusive partnerships with retailers and services, which offer products well-suited to your tastes. We’re dedicated to the complete luxury experience, not just the building itself.
Online searches quickly fall out-of-date and render results worthless. Florida Exclusive Living solves this issue by providing constant updates to our listings, ensuring that everything our clients examine is ready for a visit.
We’re among the best at finding the most exclusive properties in South Florida, and we take pride in selling the best as well.

About Us

Proud to call South Florida home.

It may be the bottom of the continental United States, but South Florida represents the pinnacle of the American success story. No matter where you started, ending up in South Florida is a badge of affirmation. The small business owner, happily retired where the sun shines year-round. The international businessman, looking for a home in the most beautiful place on Earth. The hard worker, who started at the bottom of the social ladder and climbed all the way up. South Florida is home to all of these individuals. The founders of Florida Exclusive Living are proud to serve them, and strive every day to bring the most exclusive properties to these clients. You work hard every day to earn this lifestyle. We’ll find the home that suits it.

Brian Scharick

Brian’s a realtor that knows that his clientele demand the very best, and his track record stands as evidence that he’s living up to their needs. Zillow, Yelp, Facebook...just look at any source of reviews and you’ll see that he and Florida Exclusive Living have no ratings lower than “5 Stars.” That’s the benchmark that he bases every customer’s experience around, helping to buy and sell the homes of their dreams. He earned International Diamond Society status from Coldwell Banker based on Production and Gross Sales.

From our clients

Buying and selling luxury homes
deserves a second opinion.

Let our exclusive clientele explain why Florida Exclusive Living is suited for helping you buy and sell the best homes in South Florida.
"Three years ago I went to contract on a home purchase that eventually fell through. The situation was a nightmare and thankfully my only loss was the cost of the inspection. While it was extremely upsetting, one great thing came out of it: I met Brian Scharick!"

—James King

"I have been in the Real Estate industry for 13 years and went to Brian to help me purchase my new home. I truly have never seen such commitment, dedication and determination from one individual."

—Lisa Jordan

"He was very quick to respond and narrowed down the 155 listings to 13 places where I found my dream home (in just one day of looking). Then, as soon as I knew which one I wanted, he started the process and I was able to get into my dream home within two weeks from the day we looked at it."

—Amanda Argue

"Brian did a great job in finding us our new home. Actually he found us a few. As issues came up he took the bull by the horn and took care of them. He went over and above for us several times. Brian is definitely your go to real estate agent. "

—Jim Zilembo

"Brian is a great real estate agent. His response time is super prompt and he's honest about his availability. He is also happy to show properties that will not yield him a huge commission."

—Janet Solitt


If you have any additional questions,
please do not hesitate to contact us.

What's the difference between one realtor and another when considering luxury homes? Find out how Florida Exclusive Living can make buying and selling the most exclusive properties a more satisfying experience.

General questions

In what areas does Florida Exclusive Living work?
Florida Exclusive Living can currently help you buy and sell property that’s located in Palm Beach, Broward, or Miami-Dade Counties.

How do I determine the price at which to sell my home?
Florida Exclusive Living can help you understand the market trends, while examining current inventory levels. We also look at what prices similar homes have sold for, or are currently listed at so we can work together on pricing your home correctly with the goal of generating as much profit as possible for you.

FloridaExclusiveLiving.com is a great start...but is there any more in-depth information to help me understand the home sales process?
Sure! First, feel free to call us at 954-644-9118 with any questions that you might have. If you’d like to take your time, check out our blog.

Is Florida Exclusive Living Partnered with any national real estate companies?
Florida Exclusive Living is affiliated with Coldwell Banker Real Estate LLC, the no. 1 real estate broker in South Florida.

Does Florida Exclusive Living work with Buyers?
Yes, absolutely. Florida Exclusive Living is qualified to help clients both buy and sell luxurious South Florida homes.

How to use floridaexclusiveliving.comHow to use FEL

How does Florida Exclusive Living make finding a luxurious home easier? We have you fill out just a brief questionnaire us what you desire in your ideal property, and then we select properties that fit all of your needs, as well as updating you when new homes that may interest you come into the market.

Is it difficult to request a showing?
No. When you find a property that looks promising on the website, simply click the “Request A Showing” button. You can be assured that the home is still available if this option is given: Florida Exclusive Living is prompt in updating listings so that you’re never misled.

How do I work with Florida Exclusive Living to sell my home?
Go to our Sell Your Home page and fill out just a brief bit of information about your property and how we can get in touch with you. You can also tell us as much or as little as you desire about your home and your goals for selling it. A qualified member of our staff will be in touch as soon as possible.

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